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BizPreneur was founded on the backing of a strong passion and belief in leaders and their potential. At BizPreneur, we develop and empower entrepreneurs, businesses, leaders and executives with growth strategies for their lives, careers and businesses.


We believe that legacy is not about what you leave behind, it is not about the end but rather it is a journey. Legacy is about the experiences that one goes through throughout their career and their lives. It is about the decisions, both good and bad as well as the actions taken or not taken. If you are looking to build your legacy and to live a full life of growth in your business, personal and professional life, BizPreneur is the right company to take the journey with you.


Business Coaching

Work with us to clarify your business processes, attract your ideal clients and increase your profits.

Executive Coaching

Are you ready to unlock your potential and grow your career? Take control of your Legacy.

Legal Services

Do you need legal advice ? Legal Training or help drafting contracts for your suppliers and other services?


We can help you with training to improve team cohesion and alignment thereby increasing productivity.


Business Wheel

Work with us to .

Wheel of Life

Work with us to .


We’ve worked with leaders, entrepreneurs and teams from the firms below:


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